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Williams Plant Services, LLC

Williams Plant Services, LLC is a leading provider of complete plant maintenance and modifications services, capital construction, and a wide variety of other support and specialty services to our clients in the Nuclear, Hydro and Fossil Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Refining and Petrochemical, Government, and other heavy industries.

We regularly support ongoing plant operations and also perform regularly scheduled and emergency outage, refueling, shutdown, turnaround, and other major maintenance projects for our heavy industrial clients, usually under performance-based, fee-at-risk contracts. By working together with our clients in a teaming relationship we have demonstrated our ability to increase safety performance, maximize productivity and minimize project schedule durations through the implementation of industry best practices and cost saving innovations on a system-wide approach.

We specialize in developing plant and fleet-wide maintenance programs which emphasize overall cost reductions with performance incentives focused on safety, schedule, craft labor retention, improved outage performance, and other key drivers.

The types of projects we typically perform fall into the following main categories:

  1. Maintenance and Modification Contracts at Nuclear, Fossil, and Hydropower Power Generating Facilities
  2. Facility Maintenance and Enhancement Specialty Services including Protective Coatings Application, Insulation, Asbestos and Lead Assessment/Abatement, Valve Maintenance/Repair, Roofing and Siding Systems, Comprehensive Material Condition Upgrades, Plant Identification Systems, and Structural Steel Refurbishment/Replacement
  3. Construction / Installation of new plant facilities such as Simple and Combined Cycle Power Plants or components such SCRs, HRSGs, Boilers, etc.
  4. Engineer, Procure & Construct (EPC) projects for Nuclear and Fossil Power Generation

General Services:

  • General Plant Maintenance & Modifications
  • Outages, Shutdowns, Turnarounds
  • Extended Power Uprates
  • Craft & Staff Support Labor (Brokered or Task-Managed)
  • Plant and Fleet-wide Maintenance Programs
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Valve Maintenance and Repairs
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management
  • Quality Programs (ASME/AISC/NBIC)
  • Safety Audits and Hygiene
  • Specialized Rigging and Engineering
  • Specialty Welding
  • Subcontracts Administration
  • Capital Construction Projects
  • Facilities and Grounds Maintenance

Nuclear Services:

  • Skilled Craft Labor and Supervision
  • Craft Labor Management
  • Refueling Outage Support
  • Capital Project Support
  • Plant Modifications
  • Work Planning & Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Programs
  • Systems Modifications / Upgrades
  • Security Screening / Background Investigation Services
  • Tools & Equipment Management
  • Reactor Head Maintenance
  • Steam Generator Replacement Support
  • Vessel and Heat Exchanger Replacement
  • Condenser Tubing and Cleaning
  • In processing, Security Clearances & Background Investigations

Serving the Nuclear Industry

As a pioneer in the nuclear maintenance arena, Williams is committed to cultivating relationships while bringing to bear new ideas, innovation, our vast utility experience, and general facility maintenance expertise. We are well qualified and tirelessly strive to assist our customers with their facility requirements by employing industry best practices and cost saving innovations.

Monumental changes in the landscape of the nuclear industry continue to evolve. Extreme and controlled working environments, an increased focus on environmental issues and continued change in regulatory processes are just a few of the drivers affecting change in the industry.

We are proud to provide the services that our nuclear clients desire and help them to achieve their established goals. Programs focused on cost reductions and performance risk/reward compensations incentives, craft resource retention and availability, improved outage performance and safety enhancements are at the core of the Williams approach.

Management Philosophy

Our values and strengths serve as the focal point in the relationships we cultivate with our clients. Superior service and world-class performance form the cornerstone of our success, and our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients each and every day.

We are committed to continual improvement both personally and professionally throughout every level of our organization. While we promise to meet our clients’ needs, we insist on exceeding their expectations through our unmatched array of capabilities. Our broad range of maintenance management, start-up and operation experience across diverse industries provides clients with many benefits throughout their facility’s life cycle.


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