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Williams Specialty Services, LLC is a multi-industry leader that has set the standard for protective coatings application, insulation, roofing systems, asbestos and lead abatement and other maintenance specialties in a variety of industrial markets. We have built our reputation by meeting and exceeding client expectations for safety and quality while successfully delivering projects under the most challenging working conditions.

Williams often teams with plant or facility owners to deliver our specialty services in support of new construction projects and ongoing maintenance programs, sharing the benefits of our unsurpassed experience and professionalism through incentive contracts tied to our performance.

Williams is a dynamic company and we are proud to offer our unique ability to self-perform many specialty services that are often subcontracted by other contractors. We consolidate and self-perform a variety of specialty services to streamline efficiency and eliminate redundancies in overhead, mobilization costs, field support equipment, supervision, etc. often required when multiple contractors are applied to a single project. Our ability to provide a single source of supply for a wide variety of specialty services makes Williams your specialty contractor of choice.


Protective Coatings

Williams has long been recognized as the leader in industrial coatings application. We pioneered the development and implementation of computerized coatings maintenance programs in many industrial facilities and we continue to provide a diverse range of services for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and coatings application. Innovation in the industrial coatings market remains the cornerstone of our success. From the development of new equipment technologies to computerized software for project budgeting and prioritization, Williams has the experienced staff and resources needed to complete projects of any size.


Williams has performed some of the most complex insulation projects in the United States. From ongoing maintenance applications to new facility insulation projects, we offer customized turnkey services that fit your project needs. Williams has the experienced staff and equipment resources to survey, plan, estimate, and complete industrial insulation projects of any size.


Williams specializes in complex industrial roofing projects that most other contractors avoid. Through development of innovative equipment and techniques, Williams is able to perform projects safer and faster than typical roofing companies. We are a certified installer of most top-quality roofing materials and have the capability to perform all sheet metal, mechanical, deck and structural replacement or restoration services for any turnkey project application. Williams has performed some of the most demanding roof replacement projects in the pulp and paper and power industries in the last 20 years.

Asbestos and Lead Paint Removal

The removal of asbestos containing materials and lead based coatings is a critical issue facing many industries. Williams has pioneered the development of numerous specialized solutions to enhance safety and improve operations while minimizing the amount of hazardous waste generated in the removal processes. Williams specialized enclosure systems ensure safe and effective abatement under the most complex and challenging circumstances, and our trained professionals incorporate the latest technologies to deliver optimal results in safety and schedule performance.

Structural Restoration

Williams provides a range of structural restorative services, from concrete foundation and piling repair to structural steel replacement and repair. Williams brings 50 years of knowledge and experience to the forefront to provide cost-effective solutions.

Decontamination, Decommissioning and Demolition

Williams is at the forefront of nuclear decontamination, decommissioning and demolition projects in the United States, with experience performing major projects for both the commercial nuclear industry and the United States Department of Energy. Williams utilizes proven methods to provide the safest, most cost-effective means to preserve and recover components and physical resources while minimizing personnel exposures.

Williams provides innovative technologies, such as our custom designed enclosures, HEPA systems and ALARA 1146 Strippable Coatings. (Williams holds the exclusive distribution rights of ALARA 1146 Decon strippable coating.) Combined with some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, our experience and innovation renders Williams the contractor of choice for any nuclear decontamination project.

Rigging and Enclosures

Williams offers specialized rigging expertise to provide solutions for any difficult project application. Whether your project requires specialized enclosure systems or complex platform rigging, Williams will get the job done safely and effectively.

Fire Protection

Williams Specialty Services, LLC provides fire protection services for a wide array of industrial applications. From cable wrap and penetration seals for nuclear Appendix R applications to spray applied materials and fire suppression system maintenance, we put our professional experience to work for you.

Plant Identification and Tagging

Ineffective identification labeling and tagging can cause operator errors, delay equipment repair, and increase unit downtime. Williams has developed a systematic approach to bar-coding and labeling facility systems for easy identification. Comprehensive visual site identification programs combined with data collection systems provide numerous tangible benefits. Combining this program with our knowledge of the industrial work environment yields a cost-effective method of managing your facility assets and improving on-site safety.

"Insight" Coatings Asset Management Program

Williams' Insight™ is an innovative computerized economic maintenance program for comprehensive corrosion control. This Microsoft Windows-based software offers complete management and streamlining of your coatings maintenance requirements through detailed planning, budgeting, and prioritization of projects. Williams' Insight™ offers cutting edge innovation in protective coatings maintenance - not just a "worst to best" list.

The program is unique to the coatings industry in that it prioritizes projects to be performed at the most optimal time (in terms of cost) during the life cycle of the coating. By economically selecting a project for coatings at the critical point in time, facility owners get the most out of an existing coating system before it crosses over into a costly project that requires a total surface preparation and recoat.

Pro-Tec™ Panel System

Williams' patented Pro-Tec™ Panel System provides cost-effective solutions for many complicated project applications. Pro-Tec™ allows complex painting, structural and roof work to be performed over operating equipment or otherwise sensitive environments without impeding normal operations being performed below. The Pro-Tec™ system features modular construction capabilities for a wide variety of usages, including:

  • Work platforms
  • Negative air pressure enclosures
  • Barrier platforms
  • Isolated work areas
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